Schmacon Inventor Ready for Retail

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 468The inventor of Schmacon, Howard Bender, accepted a challenge to do better than the turkey bacon he and a friend were eating one day. So he invented “Beef’s Answer to Bacon – Schmacon.” If you attended this year’s American Farm Bureau Federation convention you might remember being able to sample it. You can read his full story here (pdf).

SchmaconSmokey, sweet and outrageously good. Crispy, meaty — no, beefy to be precise — and satisfying. Schmacon™’s flavor is bold and unexpected. Maybe because it was invented in a deli. By a chef who is passionate about flavor and quality. Schmacon demands a starring role on any plate. It’s not along for the ride, it is the ride.Yet it plays nicely with burgers, bread, lettuce, sauces, turkey… you get the idea. No matter how it is enjoyed it spreads happiness, and a strong urge to eat more.

Schmacon BurgerIt took Howard six months to find the perfect customized cut of beef to turn into Schmacony goodness. From there he has worked to perfect the product and is currently selling it to food service clients in 10lb boxes. You can actually order those online if you want.

After many taste testings and finding his suppliers and processors Howard is now ready to make the next step to get Schmacon into our local grocery stores. He has a Kickstarter campaign going to raise money and awareness of his product. If you support him by making a donation you will receive a card among other items that you can take into your local grocery store to spread the word.

For all my friends who like to describe things with song and movie lyrics this is the real life, it’s not just fantasy.

Learn more about Schmacon in this week’s program: Schmacon the Un-Bacon

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