Talk About Digital Food Fights

Chuck Zimmerman

Susan BeebeThe title for this morning’s AgCatalyst keynote sounds daunting, “Exploring Humanity’s Ag Communications History Spanning from Egyptian Emojis to Today’s Digital Food Fight.” How do you pack all that into one session?

Well, Susan Beebe, Manager of Social Media & Online Communities, Tyson Foods, is doing just that. I visited with her earlier to get some take-aways from her presentation.

To start with, Susan says that just in the last year the velocity of food and ag communications has sped up significantly. “The public distrust of big ag and big food is getting enormous.” She says the lack of information and amount of mis-information makes it all more complex. In her presentation she talks about not only the enormity of the problem but how to deal with it, “Those messages we send need to be tailored for today’s audience.” That means short sound bites that are compelling, captivating, relevant and timely. They also need to answer their questions. And maybe most importantly they need to feature real transparency. Sounds like good advice to me!

You can listen to my interview with Susan here: Interview with Susan Beebe

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