New iPhones for Agvocating Professionals

Chuck Zimmerman

Apple iPhone 5SYou know times have changed when a smartphone has become a “farm tool!” Of course not every farmer will use one and not every farmer with a smartphone will use an iPhone. But a lot do and this week we got the announcement of the next generation of iPhones like this iPhone 5S in the image.

This post is not meant to be a complete review of a device I have not even held in my hands yet. I just want to alert you to next week’s opportunity to order the new 5S or 5C. Which one is right for you? It probably depends on what your budget and needs are. As I understand it the 5C is much like the current iPhone 5 but with improvements to the camera, comes in several colors and will have the new iOS on it. The 5S has a faster processor and the new fingerprint identity sensor. I’ve always believed that the iPhone has had the best camera of any smartphone. It has now become even better!

BTW. I have a Galaxy Note II and like it and use it on a different carrier than my iPhone. Nothing wrong with Android really but I like the apps on the iOS side better.

So, if you’re in a gadget upgrading mood you can not go wrong with a new iPhone in my opinion. Watch the video to see why I’m excited about this camera, I mean, phone.

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