Social Media – Listen. Talk. Ask.

Jamie Johansen

To help wrap up Alltech’s Global 500 last week Billy Frey, Senior Vice President of the Alltech Ag Network, and David Butler, Alltech’s Web Marketing Manager, discussed the future of communication.

What does the future hold in terms of communication? Well, if you ask these guys the answer is social media. People don’t turn to magazines, newspapers or even television anymore for information. They go online.

What does this mean for the agriculture industry? We simply need to use this tool to tell our story. Share what your company is doing with a picture or video. Or share your farming story through a blog. Make your information accessible with the click of a button.

Billy and David said to first listen to the conversation. Then talk and join in with the dialogue. And finally ask questions and create engagement. Social media is free, it doesn’t cost any money to start a conversation.

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