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Mepkin Monks Stopping Egg Production

Chuck Zimmerman

Mepkin AbbeyThe whackos at PETA must be loving the fact that they’ve shut down the livelihood for a group of peaceful monks. This is a good example of how dangerous these idiots are and why they shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Basically, the monks at Mepkin Abbey supported themselves by selling eggs. However, after a serious amount of PETA harassment they’re shutting down their operation. Read the whole story on the National Catholic Reporter.

“While the monks are sad to give up work that has sustained them for many years, a hard and honorable work of which they are proud, the pressure from PETA has made it difficult for them to live their quiet life of prayer, work and sacred reading,” Gumula wrote. “The monks have also found it difficult to extend hospitality, which is their hallmark, under such conditions.”

The December statement said the monks are looking for “a new industry to help us meet our daily expenses” and hope to remain in an agricultural business, which suits Benedictine tradition of work that fosters contemplation and care for the environment.

Yeah. It does piss me off. Way to go PETA bullies. Pick on a group of peaceful monks who I’m sure are praying for your souls and have already forgiven you for your persecution. It’s amazing to me that anyone gives them money but we’ve got a lot of whackos with a lot of money out there.