New Holland Hero from Canada

Cindy Zimmerman

cnh-expo-jordan-1Representing North America in the New Holland “Seeds of Life Series” Heroes at Expo Milano is Jordan Kambeitz from Saskatchewan, Canada – pictured here with his lovely wife Britt and one month old daughter Scarlett. It was pretty heroic on their part just to make the trip to Italy with a tiny baby, even one as well behaved as little Scarlett! They also have two young sons back home on the farm.

Jordan is a 5th generation farmer on a family farm that dates back to 1899, where he grows wheat, durum, canola and lentils, and he fits the sustainability theme of the New Holland exhibit at Expo. “This is my livelihood and my family’s livelihood,” said Kambeitz. “Our sustainable methods are working…we continue to learn and improve…to let this operation last a lifetime and many more.”

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Jordan here: New Holland Hero Jordan Kambeitz, Canada

Watch Jordan talk about sustainability and his farming operation during a group discussion at the Expo Milano New Holland pavilion.

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