Blog Readers In The Agrimarketing World?

Chuck Zimmerman

There certainly are blog readers in the agrimarketing business!

This is now a documentable fact according to the results of Agri Marketing’s (magazine) first monthly online poll. They asked visitors to respond to a simple question, “How often do you read blogs of any kind?” The results are posted on their home page and are worth a look. You can also find articles in the March issue about blogging, including one written by yours truly at the request of Agri Marketing.

As I would have suspected from my on-going informal poll of agrimarketers I come in contact with, the majority said they didn’t at all. But only by a small margin, meaning that many do. I think this monthly poll is a great new feature of the Agri Marketing website by the way and I applaud them for starting it!

As you can see from my earlier posts today and you will see tomorrow, there’s definite interest on the part of agencies about this new web communications phenomenon. Clients are asking about it. Are you ready to answer them?

Our weekly podcast, the ZimmCast, will feature interviews with agency representatives, talking about what they’re doing when it comes to blogging and how they see it fitting into an overall communications and marketing plan.

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