December ZimmNews

Chuck Zimmerman

The latest edition of ZimmNews has been delivered to in-boxes everywhere. A lot of you are already on holiday I can tell judging by the “out of office” replies! In case you didn’t get it or just want to look at it online then you can find it here: December ZimmNews Some highlights include: New Media Tip Welcome Amanda Nolz …


Chewing Some Argentina Cud

Chuck Zimmerman

This agriblogger is getting a taste of life in Argentina this summer. Mandy Nolz publishes, Chewing The Cud. Here’s what she’s doing down south, “For the month of June, I will explore the city of Buenos Aires to attend Spanish classes, live with a host family, and complete my goal of studying abroad during my college career.” She’s already had …

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Beef Ambassador Blogs

Chuck Zimmerman

I’ve interviewed Amanda Nolz more than once at a previous cattle industry meeting. Once was at last year’s winter meeting and once again last summer. Well, this ambassador for beef is now a blogger and I’m proud of her. Amanda is pictured here talking with Beef Board Executive Committee member Don Hullman at one of the meetings here at the …

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ZimmCast 616 – Voices from Alltech #ONE19

Chuck Zimmerman

I attended my first Alltech Ideas Conference back in 2007. Things have changed. In fact, Alltech embraces change and this year’s conference showcased that in a lot of ways. So, I’m going to share a few interviews from the conference that I hope you’ll enjoy. First up will be Amanda Radke, BEEF daily blogger, BEEF Magazine. Amanda was an early …

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Agriculture In Action

Amanda Nolz

In an effort to promote myself as an agriculture speaker available for keynotes and workshops, I have launched a new blog spot I hope you will all check out. It’s called Agriculture in Action, and it features the ins and outs of my life as a cattle rancher, as well as my travels across the country promoting the beef industry. …

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Agriculture and Social Media

Amanda Nolz

It was a rainy, cloudy day today in Mitchell, S.D., and like the weather, I wasn’t feeling a little cheerful. For the life of me, I couldn’t concentrate and get my writing assignments done. So, like any procrastinator, instead of dealing with the problem, I logged onto Facebook. On my status update, I wrote, “Writer’s block…” Soon after, I had …

Social Networking

Twitter 101

Amanda Nolz

Lately, I have been all about social networking. I started my Twitter account in December just to see what it’s all about, and so far, it has been an effective way to communicate with people and market my causes. While I have usually found that college kids are ahead of the curve on most social technology advances, I give the …


Twitter on the Today Show

Amanda Nolz

I caught The Today Show this morning, and I was excited to see an entire segment dedicated to the Twitter phenomenon! Some people love it; some people hate it. However, there is no denying that this social network is here to stay! The Today Show segment explains it as a cross between text and blogging with 140 characters. It goes …

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