New MBIC Board Member

Chuck Zimmerman

MBIC Report PodcastThree newly elected board members for the Missouri Beef Industry Council recently attended their first board meeting. This week we hear from Jim Freeman, region 3 in Southeast Missouri, who is from Salem.

You can listen to this week’s MBIC Report here: Download MP3 File

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Announcing Bootheel Agri-Energy

Chuck Zimmerman

CornTalk podcastThis week on Corn Talk, Missouri Corn Merchandising Council chairman Mike Geske of New Madrid county in the Bootheel talks about the announcement of Bootheel Agri-Energy, a new ethanol plant project proposed in southeast Missouri.

You can listen to this week’s CornTalk here: Download MP3 File

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The Boot Wearers

Chuck Zimmerman

AdFarm Open HouseI really didn’t think anyone would identify the boots that I posted yesterday so here’s the “rest of the story.” These are the sexy black boot wearers who were at the AdFarm open house.

Now that you can see them can you identify them?


National Agriculture Day 2006

Chuck Zimmerman

Ag Day Lapel PinIt’s not too soon to think about celebrating National Agriculture Day which will be held on March 20, 2006. To show your support you can order Ag Day Lapel Pins. There’s a lot of other materials available too like the Ag Day Planning Guide on the same order form.

To help you get the word out in your community, we are again providing the Ag Day Planning Guide filled with tools and tips to help make the most of this important celebration. Inside the Guide, you’ll find a number of helpful tools, such as: Fun and easy ideas for Ag Day events; tips from individuals and groups who have hosted past events; strategies for building support and awareness for your event; a sample press release, radio public service announcements and other tools to make your efforts easier.

I think the kit should also have in it a sample blog and podcast public service announcement too!


AGCO Crew At Trade Talk

Chuck Zimmerman

NAFB ConventionHere’s an early picture of the AGCO crew at Trade Talk. They look fresh and ready to go. I wonder what an “after” picture would look like?

I conducted an interview with Todd Stucke, General Marketing Manager that will be featured here on AgWired soon. I just don’t have the time to edit it yet.

In fact, I’ve got some great interviews that I’ll be posting over the next few weeks from Trade Talk.


NAFB President Talking

Chuck Zimmerman

NAFB ConventionThis is pretty much the pose you see at a Trade Talk booth. Here’s NAFB president, Emery Kleven, conducting an interview.

A real issue at Trade Talk is that there’s so many booths and so little time. There’s just no way one person can possibly make it for even a short visit to all the booths here. I think there’s 98 booths and in my best year I’ve done 34 interviews in one Trade Talk and I think that’s a lot. At least that’s all I could do since my voice quit working at that point.

By the time you’ve done a dozen interviews it gets very difficult to focus and concentrate on the subject matter. That’s when the public relations staff really comes in handy. You just enter the booth and say “What do you want me to ask you?” And thankfully they have handy little talking points to help us do our interview.


Trade Talking At NAFB

Chuck Zimmerman

NAFB ConventionThe NAFB convention is underway here in Kansas City and one of the first main activities is Trade Talk. This is a unique trade show where companies and organizations exhibit with representatives who are available to be interviewed by the attending broadcasters who hopefully will use the interviews in their broadcasts, or in our case, podcasts.

Here’s Michelle Hummel, Propane Education & Research Council. I’m wondering if this is really an interview going on or if she’s getting ready to attack this unsuspecting broadcaster.


These Boots Were Made For Blogging

Chuck Zimmerman

AdFarm Open HouseThe question is, “Who’s in the boots?” This is for me to know and you to find out. I’m wondering if anyone can guess the identity of the owners of these.

This was their idea and I’m going to assume that there’s no way you’re going to figure this out. So, sometime in the future we’ll reveal who they are. This was at the AdFarm open house.


AdFarm Windmill

Chuck Zimmerman

AdFarm Open HouseWhen I asked what would be the ideal place to take a picture inside the new AdFarm offices in Kansas City, it was a unanimous “the windmill” so here we are. In the photo are Scott Kurfman (l) and Bob Wilhelm (r).

BTW. The new office is located at 100 E. 7th St., Suite 300.

AdFarm says they’re the perfect blend of AgNess and AdNess. I conducted an interview with Kim McConnell, the chief executive officer, which I’ll have for you later on.