Late Day Views

Chuck Zimmerman

You’ll find the sky over the show filled with advertising at times. We’ve got balloons like this one for Ag Leader Technology. They look a lot better in the sunshine. In addition to balloons we’ve got little lightweight sail planes (?) too. I couldn’t quite make out who this is for. If you know, post a comment. I got a …

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Robotic Milking At Smestad Farm

Chuck Zimmerman

SkallerudsToday I got to visit a dairy operation which is pretty big business in Norway. We toured the Smestad farm. Pictured here are our hosts, Ole Kristian and Randi Skallerud.

The interesting part of the dairy is that he’s using an automatic milking system. So before we event went into the barn we learned more about robotic milking.

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IFAJ DVD Presentation

Chuck Zimmerman

Marcus RedigerMarcus Rediger, Switzerland, is the IFAJ money man who presented the financials, budget and also introduced a project for IFAJ’s 50 year anniversary this year. A DVD has been produced that chronicles some of the history of the organization as well as just helping explain what agricultural journalism is like around the world.

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Watching Peer Gynt

Chuck Zimmerman

Peer GyntI don’t even want to think about what time it is locally here in Hamar. We just got back from seeing the final night production of Peer Gynt at Laka Gala. Here’s Peer and the green troll. You’ll have to get a copy of Henrik Ibsen’s play to find out what it’s all about. Let’s just say that I think it made more sense in Norwegian than it would have in English.

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