Adventures of Moopheus and Leo

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Meatrix IIIf you’re in the dairy business and have seen The Matrix then I hope you’ve got a sense of humor. This is funny. Actually it’s really a sad waste of misguided talent. It’s a Matrix film spoof to blast corporate farming called The Meatrix II. I never heard of it before but the group doing this claims the first one’s been downloaded over 10 million times and they’ve won awards for it. They are short animated movies.

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Clean Your Corn At New Dow Site

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Dow Acetochlor WebsiteDow AgroSciences has a new website. The creative element is a series of road signs that guide you through the information and pages. There’s even video. I guess this is just another sign that the agribusiness companies are investing in the online content tools that require broadband access to function properly. They must believe their customers have it or soon will.

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