USDA Appointments

Chuck Zimmerman

USDASecretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns, was a busy man this week. Besides the Energy Conference in St. Louis he did a bunch of appointing.

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Advancing Renewable Energy in St. Louis

Chuck Zimmerman

REC-Johanns Cindy is in St. Louis this week for the big Renewable Energy Conference which is going to feature THE President. I thought I’d share this post from her on Domestic Fuel:

The US Secretaries of Agriculture and Energy are the hosts of the Advancing Renewable Energy Conference in St. Louis this week. Both addressed the crowd, estimated at upwards of 1500 people, showing the huge interest in renewable energy nationwide.

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Sec. Johanns on Farmer Internet Use

Chuck Zimmerman

MediaI didn’t get to do a one-on-one interview with Secretary Johanns after his speech here in St. Louis today. There were a number of local media here as you can see. So we just did a joint q&a session.

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