FS HiSOY Soybeans Available for Roundup Ready 2 Xtend

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Roundup Ready 2 Xtend has just been released by Monsanto Company and FS HiSOY Brand Soybeans are ready with 11 new varieties suitable for use with the product. The new soybeans, ranging from Group 2.0 to 4.9 in maturity, will give growers cutting edge technology, promising superior performance with both dicamba* and glyphosate herbicide tolerance. Matt Hynes, GROWMARK Seed Sales …

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Farmers Love #LibertyLink #RealYield

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It’s the first of February, which means planting season is getting closer. Farmers who might still be thinking about what varieties to plant this year should take a listen to what growers who use Bayer’s LibertyLink system have to say about their real yields last season. I talked with Ross Aigner of Wilkin County, Minnesota about his 2015 season with …

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Real Interviews with Real Growers about LibertyLink

Chuck Zimmerman

If you listen to farm radio you probably have heard spots for Bayer’s LibertyLink system. Last fall they included promotion for the RealYield game which ended December 31, 2015. Those commercials, moderated by Cindy, came from real interviews with real growers like Reid Atha from northwest Missouri. I thought you might want to hear one of the full interviews instead …

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Credenz Spokesbeans #SoyExcited on National Bean Day

Chuck Zimmerman

The folks at Bayer CropScience, friendly ZimmComm sponsors, are having some fun today, National Bean Day. Actually, it is their Credenz spokesbeans, Ed & Edna, who are #SoyExcited to be taking charge today of @Bayer4CropsUS. I’ve heard that there will be more to come during the day. Here’s what Ed & Edna have to say about today. Hi, we’re Ed …

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Last Days to Play LibertyLink Real Yield Game

Chuck Zimmerman

Farmers are already winning by playing the Bayer CropScience LibertyLink Real Yield Game. But the game ends 12/31/15 so get your game on! I spoke with winner Karl Fictum, Wisconsin, and asked him how he learned about the LibertyLink Real Yield Game. He was searching around the Bayer CropScience website and it “popped up” at him so he played the …

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ZimmCast on LibertyLink Campaign

Cindy Zimmerman

If you have been listening to farm radio at all in the last couple of months you have probably heard the Real Yield radio spots that have been running featuring real farmers from around the soybean producing part of the country talking about their experience with the Bayer CropScience LibertyLink system. In this edition of the ZimmCast, we talk with …

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New Officer Team for American Soybean Association

John Davis

Soybean growers have some new leadership. This news release from the American Soybean Association (ASA) says the group at its annual winter meeting in St. Louis installed Richard Wilkins, a farmer from Greenwood, Delaware, as president of the ASA, along with outgoing president Wade Cowan from Brownfield, Texas, moving to the position of chairman of the ASA board, and Ron …

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Soybean Leader Loves LibertyLink Real Yield Radio

Chuck Zimmerman

This soybean grower is not using the LibertyLink system (yet). But when he listens to Cindy on Bayer CropScience’s LibertyLink Real Yield Radio it has him thinking. Real Yield Radio is the radio portion of the current Bayer CropScience campaign airing nationally. The grower is Greg Anderson, Nebraska soybean grower and industry leader. Greg is currently serving on the National …

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