#SHPSummit16 Focuses On Field Research

Taylor Truckey

The Soil Health Partnership knows that further research is needed to show farmers the benefits of soil health. Dan Towery, Field Manager with the Soil Health Partnership in Indiana, spoke with Chuck Zimmerman at the Soil Health Summit this week in Indianapolis about the purpose of the Summit as well as the field research trials they are currently conducting. “We’re …

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The Nature Conservancy Supports Soil Health

Cindy Zimmerman

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) provides technical support for the Soil Health Partnership (SHP), and it’s something that fits in well with the organization’s mission “to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.” “The Nature Conservancy has been working in agriculture for several decades,” says Larry Clemens, TNC North American Agriculture Program Director. “We’ve been wanted to scale …

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Soil Health From the Ground Up #SHPsummit16

Cindy Zimmerman

The Soil Health Partnership (SHP) is not even two years old yet, but already the group has made some great strides in learning more about soil health to share with farmers. Hans Kok is a field manager for SHP in Indiana, where the second Soil Health Summit is being held this week. “We’re setting up a network of demonstration farms …

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Soil Health Summit Starts Today

Chuck Zimmerman

My current home is the Alexander in Indianapolis where the Soil Health Partnership is about to kick off the 2016 Soil Health Summit. Cindy attended the first one last year. It’s my turn this year. I’ll be sharing interviews with staff, supporters and farmer who are participating in the organization’s work. Here’s what the SHP 5 year initiative says: Over …

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Panel On Taking Cover Crops Mainstream at #ASTACSS

Taylor Truckey

During a session on Taking Cover Crops Mainstream at the ASTA CSS/Seed Expo this week, a panel of representatives from across the industry spoke about their experiences with cover crops, the work they’ve done on either their farm or in their business, and the impact cover crops can have on soil health. Two growers who integrate cover crops on their …

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Soil Health Institute Launched To Benefit Soil

Taylor Truckey

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, in partnership with the Farm Foundation, announced the launch of the Soil Health Institute today. For years, the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation and Farm Foundation have been providing education and insight into the importance of agriculture and proper land stewardship. In 2013, they launched the Soil Renaissance. The movement brought together growers and organizations across …

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Sustainable Ag Expo Educates Growers

Kelly Marshall

The 11th Annual Sustainable Ag Expo will be held November 16-17, 2015, at the Madonna Inn Expo Center in San Luis Obispo, California. The expo, hosted by the Vineyard Team, promises educational information for growers of many crops. “The Expo started as a way to explore various issues affecting different types of ag professionals,” said Kris Beal, Executive Director for The …

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Ag Biologicals Can Play Starring Role in Productivity

Joanna Schroeder

Colin Bletsky, Vice President of BioAg, Novozymes was a participate in the panel discussion following the 2015 Gap Report release during World Food Prize. In an interview, he says that Novozymes came on board with Global Harvest Initiative because the company has a mission to help develop sustainable technologies. Bletsky is also passionate about this mission in his role as …

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Soil Selected as Topic of Ag Journalist Award

Kelly Marshall

International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) are gearing up for the IFAJ-FAO Award for Excellence in Global Food Security Reporting.  And with harvest approaching in the northern hemisphere and planting getting ready to roll in the southern, now is the perfect time to address the contest’s topic– soil.  The topic comes from …

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Soil Renaissance and Phytobiomes Initiative Collaborate

Chuck Zimmerman

Today the Soil Renaissance and Phytobiomes Initiative announced announced a collaboration aimed at understanding how soil health and the broader phytobiomes in which plants exist impact food production for a growing population. In December 2013, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation and Farm Foundation, NFP, launched the Soil Renaissance to bring attention to soil health’s critical role in feeding a global …

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