Manage Residue When Planting Corn on Corn

Chuck Zimmerman

I think growers appreciate hearing from other growers, even if they also sell Garst Seed. At the Commodity Classic Learning Center session on Maximizing Yield in Continuous Corn, north central Iowa grower Mike Missman talked about his experience with corn on corn. When I spoke with him prior to his presentation he said that the first consideration would be Garst …

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BASF Seed Treatment Portfolio

Cindy Zimmerman

Craig Lindholm is marketing manager for seed treatments with the US Crop Protection division at BASF. He has some 28 years of experience in the seed treatment business and his enthusiasm for the technology was evident during his presentation to the media at the BASF Science Behind Seed Treatments symposium at the 2008 Commodity Classic in Nashville. Craig did a …

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Seed Treatment Revolution

Cindy Zimmerman

Gary Munkvold is associate professor and Seed Science Endowed chair in the Iowa State University Department of Plant Pathology. His message at the BASF seed treatment symposium was that there is a seed treatment revolution taking place today. “Take a look at some of the things that have happened just in the last few years that have dramatically changed in …

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Getting Science on the Seed

Cindy Zimmerman

Dr. Dirk Voeste from BASF Crop Protection Headquarters in Germany enlightened the media at Commodity Classic on the process of getting science on the seed at BASF. According to Dirk, BASF seed treatment means protection plus vitality. He discussed the BASF concept of the German word “Verbund.” “Verbund is not translated,” he explained. “It means really the linkage of expertises …

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Seedling Show and Tell

Cindy Zimmerman

Seed treatment was the topic for BASF’s media symposium at Commodity Classic and a little show and tell with seedlings showed what their new Stamina fungicide seed treatment can mean for growers. Cristina Pagani is the researcher who conducted the experiments for BASF and she explained a little bit about the results here. The active ingredient in Stamina is the …

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Headline in 2007 Meant Millions More Bushels

Cindy Zimmerman

Andy Lee is the director of business operations for US Crop Protection at BASF. In this position, he oversees all sales and marketing functions for BASF inthe US crop protection market. In his presentation at BASF’s “Science Behind Seed Treatments” media symposium at the 2008 Commodity Classic in Nashville, Andy told the ag journalists that they are the answer to …

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BASF Communications

Cindy Zimmerman

Ray Gilmer is the group communications manager for US Crop Protection at BASF and he is shown here moderating the BASF media event at Commodity Classic. Chuck and I knew him in a former life as communications director for the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, so it was a pleasure to see him again after many years. I talked with …

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Plenty of Pictures from BASF Seminar

Cindy Zimmerman

I am going to have lots of audio coming from the BASF Seed Treatment Symposium and already have a bunch of photos which I loaded into a separate Flicker Photo Album for your viewing pleasure. BASF 2008 Commodity Classic Symposium Photo Album The room is literally packed here with media with two more on the phone. The presenters are giving …

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Seed Stamina From BASF

Chuck Zimmerman

Thanks to the folks at BASF you can hear Craig Lindholm talk about the new registration of their Stamina fungicide seed treatment. Listen to Craig here: craig-lindholm.mp3 The recent registration by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of a new BASF seed treatment, to be marketed for corn seed under the name Stamina® fungicide, gives growers their best chance yet to …

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Tickle Your Loved Ones with TickleMe Plants

Laura McNamara

Remember that post about TickleMe Plants around Christmas. Well, the TickleMe Plant Company says the gift that gives giggles is also a great idea for gifts this Valentine’s Day. Oddly enough, I’ve been tickling my own plants here in SE Asia. There’s a small fern that’s native to the area and when you “tickle” it, the leaves close up. I …

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