Robotic Milking At Smestad Farm

Chuck Zimmerman

SkallerudsToday I got to visit a dairy operation which is pretty big business in Norway. We toured the Smestad farm. Pictured here are our hosts, Ole Kristian and Randi Skallerud.

The interesting part of the dairy is that he’s using an automatic milking system. So before we event went into the barn we learned more about robotic milking.

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The Moose Man Speaketh

Chuck Zimmerman

Nils RustadWhen we visited the Rustad-Skog moose lodge we all fit into a 250 year old cabin to listen to owner, Nils Rustad give us a history of the place and how they manage the moose population in Norway.

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A Jarlsberg Reception

Chuck Zimmerman

Jarlsberg DisplayAt our opening night reception and dinner we heard from the CEO/President of Tine, the Norway dairy cooperative that makes Jarlsberg cheese. This year is the 50th year since they began making this great cheese. You can see the nice display of food we had with a Jarlsberg cheese wheel centerpiece.

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Watching Peer Gynt

Chuck Zimmerman

Peer GyntI don’t even want to think about what time it is locally here in Hamar. We just got back from seeing the final night production of Peer Gynt at Laka Gala. Here’s Peer and the green troll. You’ll have to get a copy of Henrik Ibsen’s play to find out what it’s all about. Let’s just say that I think it made more sense in Norwegian than it would have in English.

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Making MAGIC

Cindy Zimmerman

Sometimes finding the right way to control diseases in animals just takes a little magic – so that is what Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. is using to figure out just what it will take to get a handle on PCV-AD – or Porcine Circovirus Associated Diseases. PCV is a virus that is actually present in virtually every swine herd in …

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