FFA Members Show Passion for the Future

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As FFA members work their way through the National FFA Convention Expo in Louisville, they are greeted by a variety of agribusiness and collegiate exhibits. Although each exhibit has developed it’s own message, theme, and purpose, many share a common goal of focusing on future opportunities and growth within agriculture. FMC is no different; they are inviting members to step into …

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Make Your Message More Personal

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During her presentation at the Bayer CropScience Corn and Soybean Future Forum Julie Borlaug told the audience they are not doing a good job of communicating what they are doing to the broad general consuming audience. That raised a few eyebrows. What she suggests is making message more personal and not so polarizing as we sometimes see with the GMO …

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Bayer CropScience Advancing Sustainable Ag

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Starting out the second day of the Bayer CropScience Corn and Soybean Future Forum was Liam Condon, CEO, Germany. The theme of his remarks was how Bayer CropScience is advancing sustainable agriculture. One of the remarks that Liam made during his comments that struck me was how the growth in demand for meat in countries around the world is driving …

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FMC’s Investment in Farming’s Future

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Over the past couple of years FMC has put a strong emphasis on investing in farming’s future. Here at the 87th National FFA Convention they are asking students to step into their sound booth and share what investing in farming’s future means to them. Following the convention FMC will create a mashup of the students audio to share with their …

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Weather Impacts on Corn Soybean Yield & Trading

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With a session topic on how environmental constraints impact crop yield and trading you’d think this would take a long time. However, at the Bayer CropScience 2014 Corn and Soybean Future Forum Kyle Tapley, MDA Information Systems, got the job done in a short time frame. The focus was on weather and Kyle made a few statements that caught my …

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Bayer CropScience Dedicated to Corn & Soybeans

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Providing the welcome address at the 2014 Bayer CropScience Corn & Soybean Future Forum is Mathias Kremer, Head of Strategy. In his comments Mathias talks about the company outlook for the growth of the corn and soybean markets. Additionally, he says they are investing a billion euros in research and development. Listen to my interview with Mathias to hear a …

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Brandt Consolidated and Advanced Data Analysis

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Data is an important part of effective agronomics. With access to spatial data, farmers can uncover new areas of efficiencies and cost savings. However, when data is coming in from multiple, disparate sources, it is nearly impossible to aggregate it, and put it to good use. Brandt Consolidated, a leader in technical agronomic solutions, recently overcame the challenge presented by …


Discussing Future Corn & Soybean Issues

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The 2014 Bayer CropScience Corn & Soybean Future Forum got kicked off today with a discussion that included not only an update on products but issues affecting farmers decisions and bottom line profits. Alan Ayers, Bayer CropScience, seen being interviewed by Cyndi Young, Brownfield Ag News, led much of the discussion this morning. Bees and bee health dominated the early …

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