Rhea & Kaiser Capture Platinum… Again

Laura McNamara

It looks like Rhea & Kaiser Marketing Communications knows what it’s doing when it comes to full-service integrated marketing. At the Association of Equipment Manufacturers annual Publications in Construction and Agriculture awards in Las Vegas, R&K secured a handful of awards including the best of show Platinum Award for the second time in three years. Overall, R&K won an unprecedented …

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Roundup Powered Up at Ag Field Day

Laura McNamara

Two new cotton varieties from the Delta and Pine Land Company will be displayed at the Ag Technology Field Day, July 19th in Memphis. D&PL’s Bollgard II®/Roundup Ready® Flex cotton varieties are designed to control resistant weeds and offer greater weed management. In 2006 testing, both DP 141 B2RF and DP 161 B2RF demonstrated yield and fiber potential a step …

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New DuPont Product Formulated From Renewable Resources

Laura McNamara

It’s a product that has a wide range of uses, as a potential component in running shoes and ski boots, to cosmetics, to automotive parts. DuPont describes its new Cerenol product as its newest polymer formulated with renewable resources; made with corn instead of petroleum. The company adds that Cerenol also enhances performance. DuPont(TM) Cerenol(TM) is a family of renewably …


Top Marketers in Equipment Industry Recognized

Laura McNamara

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers has named the winners of its “Measures of Success” marketing awards program. Companies from across the U.S. and Canada comprise the list of winners. AEM’s Publications in Construction and Agriculture issued the awards which recognize excellence in marketing communications for the off-road equipment industry. The annual awards are also meant to stress the significant role …

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Some Think NAMA is Odd

Chuck Zimmerman

I don’t know about you but I don’t feel odd. That’s the word that Angela Natividad, AdRants, uses to describe the National Agri-Marketing Association. In a post she did on John Deere’s NAMA winning ads for Farm Plan, like the one with the farmer walking a cute pooch, she says, “It’s odd enough that an association for agri-marketing in specific …

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Adachi’s Trying To Get The Glass

Chuck Zimmerman

There’s a new online game from the “Got Milk” people called Get The Glass. It’s really worth a look if you have a few minutes. I think the animation and sound is some of the best I’ve seen. It features the Adachi family who are bound and determined to steal a glass of milk from Ft. Fridge. You’ve got to …

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Meet The Cenex Guy

Chuck Zimmerman

He’s a super hero. He’s Cenex Guy. Just in case you’ve missed him he’s got several tv commercials running and you can make him your desktop background calendar too. The man with the red shirt, black cap and thousand-acre stare can now be seen on a number of markets across the country. The Cenex Guy is a proud symbol of …

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Advertising in Podcasts

Chuck Zimmerman

Hopefully if you’re involved in marketing you’ve got a subscription to Chief Marketer. I’ve pointed you to them before because they have interesting articles like this one on advertising in podcasts. It’s titled, “And Now A Word From Our Sponsor: Podcasters Integrate Advertising Into the Mix.” It is an interview with a couple of guys from Libsyn (Liberated Syndication) who …

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A Skateboard in Your Farm Plan

Chuck Zimmerman

I guess this is a magazine ad for John Deere’s Farm Plan program. I’m not sure how many farmers are skateboarders but it caught the attention of Adrants which is where I saw it. Adrants links to larger pictures of the ads. There’s one for Skateboards and one for Disco Ball. You can catch Disco Ball in action on the …

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Website Metrics Questions

Chuck Zimmerman

As the audience for AgWired has grown so has the need for us to keep close tabs on how we measure it. You’ve started seeing more advertising and sponsored event coverage and those companies and organizations want to know what they’re getting for their investment. One of my online mentors pointed me to a pretty well-written AP story on this …

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