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Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 552In this week’s episode of the ZimmCast I talk with Mary Hagan, Vice President of Communications, National Corn Growers Association (NCGA).

Although Mary didn’t imagine a career working in agricultural communications she has become a farm lover after the opportunity to work for NCGA came about. Mary’s background has suited her well to work on some of the challenges facing corn growers as you will hear her discuss in the program.

A topic that came up which is very near and dear to my heart right involves the word, measurement. This important concept should be pretty easy when you consider how many statistics are created by the digital data involved in today’s communications channels. However, making sense of it, especially to measure return on investment, success, or even to figure out what your audience is thinking and what is really important to them is a big challenge. Mary talks about some ways NCGA is dealing with this issue.

I also like a few anecdotes Mary brings up about the work of some of the state affiliate organizations to NCGA. They are doing very valuable work on their own and Mary sees trying to foster good internal communications with them as a very important element of the work she does.

I hope you enjoy the program and thank you for listening!

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