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One of the positive outcomes of the 2012 election was that Californians actually voted against Proposition 37, which would have required the labeling of foods containing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). However, those opposed to GMOs continue to attack the technology that increases safe, affordable and abundant food by stepping up their scare tactics.

GMOinside, for example, is urging people to “Celebrate a Non-GMO Thanksgiving!” Check this out:

Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating around the dinner table with family and friends. But, is there an unwanted guest at your table? You may not realize that many common Thanksgiving foods contain genetically engineered ingredients!

The website proceeds to provide a chart to help people “identify the GMOs in popular holiday foods” and urging them to “keep a look out for foods from companies that opposed Prop 37, such as Campbell’s, Coke, General Mills, Kraft, Nestle, Pepsi, Hershey, Unilever.” Oddly enough, turkey is not mentioned on the list, despite the fact that the majority of commercial turkey production uses corn for feed – and most feed corn is genetically-modified.

What really bugs me about the non-GMO movement is that the people who are most against modifying crops to prevent disease or tolerate drought are very much in favor of attempts to genetically-modify humans to prevent or eliminate diseases or increase life spans. What’s wrong with that picture?

One of the main reasons that Thanksgiving is celebrated during this time of the year is to give thanks for the blessings of the harvest. Instead of demonizing GMOs, we should be giving thanks for the scientific breakthroughs that continue to allow us to produce more bountiful harvests every year.

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  1. T. Knotts

    What really bugs me is Monsanto, the same corporation who told us Agent Orange was safe, is now producing genetically altered foods on a worldwide scale with no long-term studies of its effects. If the science is so great, why all the secrets? GMOs are more than unsafe to eat. They are creating a environmental issues such as beetles immune to all pesticides, and ragweed that now outgrows farmer’s corn. If it’s so great, why are all the farmers against it? And, why do Monsanto and the White House kitchens only serve organic foods? They won’t eat it, but it’s safe for us?

  2. M Whitmore

    I am a farmer, I consider that as long as we are willing to fulfill all the management requirements when we use GMO seed and we understand the capability of insects and pests to adapt those crops are beneficial to achieve the goal of feeding more people with less money. Producing more efficiently and making foods available to everyone. We are stewards of our environment and it is in our best interest to manage technology properly.

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