GMO Labeling Proposal Defeated

Cindy Zimmerman

The good news from election results is the defeat of the GMO food labeling proposition in California.

Unlike our poll here on AgWired, the vote on Proposition 37 in California was much less close and went the right way for those in agriculture who were opposed to the plan to require labeling of all foods containing genetically modified crops. The vote went 55% against the measure.

“California family farmers can breathe a little easier today,” said Jamie Johansson, an Oroville farmer who grows olives to make olive oil and serves as an officer of the California Farm Bureau Federation. “Prop. 37 would have imposed costly new regulations on California family farmers that no other state requires, putting us at a competitive disadvantage. Thankfully voters understood this and rejected Prop. 37 and voted instead to protect family farmers.”

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