Food Day?

Chuck Zimmerman

Welcome to food day. For me that’s every day. Thank God we live in a blessed country where we have the most plentiful, safe and affordable food supply in the world. The food we produce is safe to eat, safe for the environment, high quality and protects our national security. Thank all you farmers of all kinds who produce it.

Unfortunately there’s a very misguided effort calling today “Food Day.” I’d put their logo on here but they’ve got restrictions on its use:

For-profit entities must request permission from the Center for Science in the Public Interest by clicking here and providing a description of how they would like to participate in Food Day and use the Food Day logo.

I wish that was the only misguided part of what they’re doing. There’s more. Let’s start with the name, Center for Science in the Public Interest. It would be nice if they stuck to science. Instead, this is a lobbying organization with an agenda. For example, they want you to sign their Eat Real agenda and have it sent to your Congressman. Read it. It certainly is an “agenda.” It’s not mine and I hope it’s not yours.

The last thing we need in this country is more unnecessary government spending and government control over business which their agenda calls for. Our food is safe and if people would use more common sense in how they select, store, handle and cook it we would have far less problems. You can’t legislate common sense. Our food system is not broken as these wackos assert. What is broken is our government thanks to groups like this. If more common sense was used then we would have food distributed to the really needy. That goes for here and in other parts of the world where we send so much food aid. And let’s not forget about personal responsibility. You choose the foods you eat and you can choose your lifestyle. Please don’t blame others for the consequences of your own actions.

I guess that to survive and grow, a group like this has to manufacture a crisis, knowing how gullible people are. And they are really gullible. I had a long time friend send me another in a series of “articles” this morning about a new dirty secret in the food industry that had him all worried. Instead of checking it out for the truth he accepted what he saw as the truth. Folks, what do you think Google is for? Do your research and don’t buy in to the kind of nonsense being promulgated by groups like this one.

Have a wonderful food day every day and feel good about it. Cheers.

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