The AgSpeakerers

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast96 - The AgSpeakersAs I promised last week I’ve got an interview with Steve Hawkins, President of AgSpeak. This new company has been formed as the “first online agricultural market research cooperative.” They plan to attract farmer members who will agree to participate in online surveys and receive a portion of the profits at the end of the year.

Steve says that having farmers fill out surveys online saves them a lot of time and makes the survey process much quicker. They’re seeking farmer members and companies that want to have market research done. The company is based in Des Moines because that’s where other partners in the business are located. They all are involved with The Context Network.

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PERC Yourself Up

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast95 - All About PERCIt’s back to work after a very nice Thanksgiving weekend. So let’s jump right into it with this week’s program. One of the interviews I did at the recent NAFB Convention was with Mark Leitman, Director, Agriculture Programs, Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). Thanks to Sarah Robinett, Osborn & Barr Communications for helping set me up!

There’s a lot of familiarity with checkoff programs like beef or pork but not as much with some others. PERC is funded through a federally mandated law which provides some significant funding which is used for research and promotion programs. I interviewed Mark to learn more about how his organization is structured and what they do with all that money.

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Finding The Good News In Iraq

Chuck Zimmerman

Hopefully you’re familiar with Paul McKellips and his reports on the good news of what’s happening in Iraq, especially as it relates to agriculture. If not, then I suggest you listen to this week’s ZimmCast to hear from the man himself. I was very happy to get to meet Paul in Kansas City last week and we sat down for …

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Traditional and New Media in Indiana

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast93 - Hoosier Ag TodayI’m not back to regular office hours yet. Give me another day or so. But I do have internet access so you do get a ZimmCast this week.

In this week’s program you’ll hear from Gary Truitt, Hoosier Ag Today. Gary just got started with his new venture recently and he’s got a website, radio network and has started podcasting.

I interviewed Gary at his office in Indianapolis on a recent trip and learned more about what he’s doing and what he thinks the future holds.

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Buckeye Agriblogging Farm Podcaster

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast90 - Blogging in the Buckeye State with Andy VanceThe Buckeye Ag Radio Network (The BARN) is about to turn 1 year old so I interviewed one of the “Hired Hands,” Andy Vance to find out how it’s going. He and his wife and partner, Lindsay, have created a very nice farm media company that blends the old with the new. In other words, he’s a farm broadcaster who can still be heard on the air and online using new media tools like blogging and podcasting.

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Missouri Beef Blogging

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast89 - Beef Blogging With John KleiboekerI know you’re familiar with the Missouri Beef Industry Council because they’ve been a new media pioneer in the agricultural community. Earlier today I spent some time with their new Executive Director, John Kleiboeker, who I believe is going to be a great agriblogger. He’ll be getting started after his first board meeting as a staff member later this week. In fact, he’s been to many board meetings because he used to be a board member!

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