CIRB Hears from Senate Agriculture Committee

Kelly Marshall

Joel Leftwich of the Senate Agriculture Committee spoke at the recent Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau’s annual meeting. Leftwich imparted two main messages in his talk, the first and most important was his thanks to the many people who work together to grow the food we enjoy in this country. As a small-town boy from Kansas, Leftwich knows first hand …

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Eric Swanson, Emerging Leader for CIRB

Kelly Marshall

Eric Swanson is a Crop Underwriting Manager at Country Financial and one of the charter members of the Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau’s Emerging Leaders Program.  The program, currently in its first year, is helping to build the next generation in the field of crop insurance through a better understanding of the way government and the private sector work together …

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Ag Economist Talks Insurance Premiums at CIRB

Kelly Marshall

Michael Swanson is a Chief Agricultural Economist for Wells Fargo with more information about the ag economy than most of us can wrap our heads around. He recently spoke at the 2016 Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau Annual Meeting and tried to break down some of his information in a seminar entitled “Challenges Facing the World Agriculture Market.” Chuck Zimmerman …

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AFBF Outlines the Struggle for Crop Insurance

Kelly Marshall

The American Farm Bureau Federation had the opportunity to address the 2016 Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau Annual Meeting with Congressional Relations and Senior Director, Mary Kay Thatcher. We’ll have to be on our toes this year, she said to Chuck Zimmermann about funding for crop insurance and other ag programs.  There has been talk about going back to regular order, …

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Climatologist Shares Predictions at CIRB

Kelly Marshall

Few things fascinate farmers more than weather– and it interests crop insurance agents quite a bit too!  Chuck Zimmermann managed to sneak in a few minutes with the historical climatologist who presented at the 2016 Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau Annual Meeting. James Garriss of the Browning Report not only studies the history of climate and weather, but also has a …

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Emerging CIRB Leaders Build Future of Crop Insurance

Kelly Marshall

Sheri Bane kicked off the 2016 Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau Annual Meeting with her opening remarks.  When Chuck Zimmerman caught up with her later he was able to learn more about the organizations first year with the Emerging Leaders Program. “We had company representatives nominate up and coming leaders within their organizations,” Bane explains. “Those six people began the program late last …

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Crop Insurance Takes Hit in Budget Proposal

Cindy Zimmerman

The Obama administration’s 2017 budget proposal includes reforms to the crop insurance program that would end up costing farmers more. Two specific changes are proposed – one would reduce subsidies for revenue insurance policies that insure the price at the time of harvest and the second would reform prevented planting coverage, including removing optional buy-up coverage. According to USDA, the …

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Coalition Urges Congress to Maintain Farm Safety Net

Cindy Zimmerman

Nearly 50 organizations representing agricultural interests sent a letter last week to Congressional leaders urging them not cut crop insurance or other farm programs through the omnibus appropriations act. “The crop insurance program is the lynchpin of the farm safety net and is crucial to the economic security of rural America,” reads the coalition’s letter to Congress. “The crop insurance …

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Ag Lawmakers Oppose Crop Insurance Cuts

John Davis

While many are praising a budget deal that averts a government shutdown and the prospect of one until after next year’s elections, the deal isn’t being welcomed by many agricultural state lawmakers. Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS) announced he will vote against the budget deal negotiated behind closed doors because of its raid on crop insurance funding. “I …

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Exploring Crop Insurance & Conservation Practices

John Davis

Crop insurance provides an important risk management tool for farmers, especially in the short term. Conservation practices look to the long term to reduce farmers’ risks. Our friends at Farm Foundation will hold another one of their free forums on Thursday, Oct. 8, to examine how the relationship of crop insurance and conservation practices has evolved over the years, and …

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