Cal-Davis Tops in Ag, Veterinary Sciences

John Davis

The University of California, Davis, is rated as the top school in the world for teaching and research in agriculture and forestry as well as veterinary sciences. This news release from the university says the information comes from the QS World University Rankings and is the third consecutive year that UC Davis has been ranked first in ag and forestry. …

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USDA Announces Veterans and Youth Projects

Cindy Zimmerman

In observance of Veterans Day, USDA and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) announced partners and projects that will be funded in this fiscal year to provide job and training opportunities to veterans and youth. “This landmark partnership with AmeriCorps to jointly support service opportunities for youth and veterans is an all-around win for our young people and …

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USDA Seeks to Move New Products Into BioPreferred Program

John Davis

The U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) wants to move some new products into a preferred procurement initiative for federal agencies. USDA is using the 2014 Farm Bill to justify making available some new, biobased forest products in the BioPreferred® program, along with some other traditional biobased products and other mature market products, which have been produced in innovative ways. “Today, …

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Forestry Thinning in Scotland

Chuck Zimmerman

How about cutting down a tree, stripping the bark and branches and cutting it into logs all in the matter of a few seconds? And without getting your hands dirty or your arms tired? Yep, this Transformers-looking machine from Komatsu can do it and does in the video below. During the IFAJ Congress in Scotland on a rainy day we …

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Columbia Forest Products Stick with Soy

Cindy Zimmerman

North Carolina-based Columbia Forest Products was ahead of the curve a decade ago when it moved to formaldehyde-free hardwood plywood technology. “We make flat, decorative panels with a highly-prized face like a cherry, oak, walnut,” explains marketing director Todd Vogelsinger. “And we glue it all together with a resin system that is 95% soy flour.” The company replaced the commonly …

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BCAP Funding Application Period Opens

Joanna Schroeder

One energy and ag program that was saved by the 2014 Farm Bill was the Biomass Crop Assistance Program or BCAP, designed to provide financial assistance to mainly farmers and ranchers who establish and maintain new crops of energy biomass or harvest and deliver forest or ag residues to a qualifying energy facility. Farmers who harvest ag residues such as …

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FedEx Delivers Early Christmas Present for Troops

Jamie Johansen

FedEx Corp. is spreading holiday cheer to America’s service members and their families this season with a special delivery of more than 17,000 live Christmas trees. For the past nine years, Trees for Troops has brought together FedEx, the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation and tree farmers from across the country to ship real Christmas trees to service members overseas and to …

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An Earth Day Message

Cindy Zimmerman

Got an email today from an employee of GROWMARK with a great message that I wanted to share for Earth Day week. I’m sure you’ve seen email signatures saying something like “Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail!” This one is a little different. Notice: It’s OK to print this e-mail. Paper is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable product made …

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Christmas Tree Farms help Deliver Trees to Troops

Amanda Nolz

‘Tis the season…for giving! That’s exactly what Christmas tree growers are doing in Indiana this year. In a spirited event that should remind us all to step up and help others, this is a charity worth giving cheers to! Check it out! Indiana Christmas tree growers are kicking off the holiday season with special deliveries of the product they know …

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Monsanto Talks Sustainability

Laura McNamara

The recent surge in profitability within the agriculture sector is giving farmers and ag companies a bit of room to breath. But, Monsanto says, just a bit. Michael Doane, Monsanto’s Sustainability Team Lead says that with profitability comes responsibility: a responsibility for the agricultural climate of the future. There are big questions, Michael says, that begged to be asked, and, …

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