Animal Welfare Panel at LPC Vision Event

Chuck Zimmerman

The inaugural Livestock Publications Council “Vision, and industry celebration” event, held in Kansas City, MO, featured a panel discussion. The topic was “Animal welfare in today’s world of agriculture.” As you might guess, animal activist, rights and welfare continue to be a hot topic of discussion in the industry. The panel was moderated by Mike Adams, AgriTalk, and panelists were …

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What the Heck is Certified Humane?

Cindy Zimmerman

This press release from PR Newswire caught my attention this morning – “What is a Certified Humane® turkey and where can you find one for this Thanksgiving?” Okay, I’ll bite – what is a certified humane turkey? According to the release from Certified Humane and Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC): A Certified Humane® turkey is a turkey raised on a …

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Dairy Carrie Exposes Latest PETA Sham

Chuck Zimmerman

The world’s beloved AgShill Heiress Dairy Farmer Carrie Chestnut Mess, aka Dairy Carrie, is once again showing her brilliance as she has just pretty well slam dunked PETA and their latest dairy cow (bull) manure video release. As of now her revealing story has been visited over a quarter million times. With your help in spreading the word how about …

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Talking with Forrest Lucas

Chuck Zimmerman

Have you heard of Protect The Harvest? Probably. How about hearing from the founder? Last night at the Ag Media Summit special reception I met Forrest Lucas, Lucas Oil (l). We were in the Lucas Oil Stadium here in Indianapolis. Also with him were Steele Shippy, Director of Political Operations for Protect The Harvest (r) and Dave Hageman, Victory Enterprises …

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HSUS and Missouri Agriculture

Jamie Johansen

The Human Society of the United States (HSUS) has been forming “Ag Councils” around the country, most recently in Missouri, with the stated purpose of fostering “better animal welfare and environmental stewardship.” The councils – which have also been been formed in Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina and Ohio – are made up of farmers, ranchers and conservationists, but some …

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HumaneWatch Cat Says WTF HSUS

Chuck Zimmerman

Talk about some great publicity exposing the “real” Humane Society of the United States. HumaneWatch has done it again. Remember to give to your local animal shelter! As part of its ongoing campaign to expose the deceptive fundraising practices of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), yesterday, a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom, launched a …

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Surviving an Undercover Video

Chuck Zimmerman

We live in a world of anarchists/activists and they’ll stop at nothing to create mayhem. Farmers are not exempt. These wackos are really nothing more than criminals but unfortunately their shenanigans can have devastating impacts on a business. The Center for Food Integrity is conducting a webinar to present ideas for how to deal with the situation from some recent …

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What You’re Not Being Told About Food Production

Chuck Zimmerman

Today the Animal Agriculture Alliance hosted a teleconference with various third-party experts to discuss industry improvements presented in the report “Advances in Animal Agriculture; What the Center for a Livable Future, Pew Commission and Others Aren’t Telling You About Food Production.” (pdf) Third-party experts on the call included: Dr. Richard Raymond, former Under Secretary, Food Safety Inspection Service, United States …

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Meatless Monday Campaign Flops

Chuck Zimmerman

This is no surprise to me. The Meatless Monday campaign doesn’t have the participation the organizers would like you to think they have. I have thought for some time that reports and effects of animal activists and their trendy sounding ideas are way over estimated. Thanks to the Animal Agriculture Alliance for doing this research! After weeks of investigation, the …

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Panera Bread’s Lazy Response to Offensive Promotional Campaign

Chuck Zimmerman

It looks like Panera Bread has heard from the countryside. However, to date, their response has been lazy at best. Earlier this week Carrie Mess brought to our attention the Panera Bread campaign all about the EZChicken which implies that farmers raising chickens and using antibiotics are lazy. It has launched a grassroots campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Just follow …

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