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Bid on Beef Auction Platform Launched

Cindy Zimmerman

L-R: Wes Tiemann, Amanda Radke, Chris Earl, and Kody Fleeman

A new kind of auction platform for beef sales was launched this month.

On June 1, CK6 Consulting and Texas Beefhouse launched Bid on Beef, the vision of Chris Earl, owner of Reverse Rocking R Ranch and CK6 Consulting in New Mexico. Working with beef cattle producers across the nation, CK6 Consulting has conducted $150 million in sales through price discovery in auctions, and now the team is taking that same concept directly to the consumer.

“The vertically integrated beef supply food chain is not working for every cattleman and woman in America,” said Earl. “We believe getting closer to the consumer retail dollar, through the free market, will directly impact ranchers’ bottomline and help create pathways of profitability back to the families we serve. Bid on Beef will carefully vet sellers on our platform, and our focus will be delivering consistently high-quality Angus and Wagyu beef to our customers. From pasture to plate, the beef will be born, raised, fed, harvested, packaged, and delivered by American cattle ranchers,”

“Since we launched our platform on June 1, the excitement from producers and consumers alike has been tremendous,” adds Amanda Radke, Bid on Beef partner and rancher from Mitchell, S.D. “We are delighted to invite consumers to be part of the excitement of the auction tradition, and we are committed to bringing to the forefront the very best beef experience for participants on our platform. Consumer choice is a great thing, and we believe Bid on Beef will become a trusted source for American ranchers and consumers.”

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