IFAJ/Alltech Young Leaders Awards Announced

Cindy Zimmerman

The latest crop of talented IFAJ/Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism Award recipients have been announced and will be attending the 2024 IFAJ Congress in Interlaken, Switzerland this August.

The 10 scholarship winners will also participate in a unique three-day professional development workshop immediately prior to the IFAJ Congress. The workshop emphasizes reporting skills and leadership training and includes agriculture tours.

Since 2006, the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) and Alltech, a global leader in agriculture and animal nutrition, have partnered to support the Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism Awards that recognize the leadership potential of young members (under 35 years of age). As young agricultural journalists and communicators, they have the important role of sharing the stories of agriculture with the world.

The winners are:

Alex Black, United Kingdom
Emma Davies, Ghana
Courtney Girgis, United States
Kristina Hansén, Sweden
Wiebke Hermann, Germany
Brooke Littlewood, Australia
Duncan Masiwa, South Africa
Daniel Plaiasu, Romania
Michaela Sandmayr, Austria
Carola Urdangarin, Argentina

“Alltech is proud to partner with IFAJ to support the Young Leaders program, as we all share a commitment to supporting journalists who give voice to farmers and producers and ensure that agriculture stories continue to be told around the world,” said Jenn Norrie, North American and European communications manager at Alltech.

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