EPA Committee Gives Ag Seat at the Table

Cindy Zimmerman

EPA Administrator Michael Regan recently responded to recommendations from the agency’s Farm, Ranch, and Rural Communities Federal Advisory Committee (FRRCC) on how EPA can best support the agriculture sector’s climate mitigation and adaptation goals.

FRRCC consists of representatives appointed by the agency that provide independent policy advice and information on a range of environmental issues that are of importance to agriculture and rural communities and among the results of their recommendations to EPA is the recent creation of EPA’s Office of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, headed by the agency’s agricultural advisor Rod Snyder.

One of the 30 members of the FRRCC is Iowa cattle producer Bill Couser, who was selected out of more than 560 applicants. “We basically get three or four challenges every year and our job is to come together with a white paper to help EPA improve its methods of reaching out to rural America,” said Couser in a recent interview.

Couser says he was pleased to be able to host both Administrator Regan and USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack together on his ranch shortly after both were appointed to the current administration. “It’s the first time in my career that I saw the heads of those two offices in the same room together. We always met with the staff,” Couser said. “We finally have a seat at the table.”

Listen to this interview with Couser from the recent American Coalition for Ethanol DC Fly-in.
Bill Couser, Iowa 5:34

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