DPH Bio Offers BioAgonomics™ to Redefine On-Farm Value

Cindy Zimmerman

Mick Messman, DPH Biologicals, at 2024 Commodity Classic

At Commodity Classic in Houston, Texas this week, DPH Biologicals announced the expansion of its science-first, data-verified approach with a multi-year effort to quantify the comprehensive value potential of biologicals.

“DPH Bio has been committed to science that yields results from day one. Based on multi-year field research and through collaborations with our partners, we aim to provide customers a deeper understanding of the distinct value potential unlocked by biologicals,” said Mick Messman, President and CEO of DPH Bio, speaking at the annual event for corn, soybean, wheat and sorghum producers. “Historically, return-on-investment has been measured by the cost to increase yield. However, our customers see the long-term value that biologicals deliver, such as improved soil health, water use efficiency, disease control, and plantability.”

A review of 107 corn trials conducted over three years using TerraTrove SP-1 Classic revealed increased fertilizer efficiency in addition to average yield increase of 2.5 bu/A.

“Although yield is an important metric, we believe it’s critical for growers to be able to measure the holistic value of biologicals in the field and across their entire business,” said Messman. “As we expand our portfolio and industry partnerships, we are pioneering the concept of ‘BioAgonomics’ to capture and maximize the full value proposition of biological solutions. As we further analyze the data, we are seeing some interesting trends based on management practices and soil conditions.”

For example, in a multi-year study, SP-1 averaged 6.5 more bushels per acre in high-yield, 220-bushel per acre corn in the Midwest.

Learn more in this interview with Mick Messman:
Interview with Mick Messman from Commodity Classic 5:46

Growers at Commodity Classic are invited to visit DPH Bio at Booth 6945 on the third floor of the George Brown Convention Center. In addition, the company plans a series of workshops, including a CropLife webinar on March 5th.

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