Amazon Web Services Supports VISION

Cindy Zimmerman

Cross-Industry Insights: Accelerating Ag Tech Advancement and Adoption was the title of one of the panels at the recent VISION Conference, taking a look at how different industries might be addressing challenges parallel to those in agriculture. Ram Devarajulu, Cambridge Consultants, moderated the panel which included Ron Osborne, Amazon Web Services (AWS); Cassie Edgar, McKee Voorhees & Sease PLC; and Meiko Martin, Trimble.

Ron Osborne is the Global Head of Technology for Agriculture at AWS, helping global agribusinesses across the value chain to modernize, achieve business and enterprise agronomy product and IT goals. He says AWS is proud to be a part of the VISION Conference and the Global Ag Tech Initiative. “We bring a carefully, curated voice to the Global Ag Tech Initiative to represent the industry from a lot of different perspectives, not just AWS but what our customers are really thinking about too,” said Osbourne.

Looking ahead, Osbourne wanted conference attendees to have quantum computing on their radar. “The work being done with quantum computing with Amazon Braket as an example, is we believe going to be changing how agribusinesses work in many respects,” he said.

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2024 VISION interview with Ron Osborne, AWS 4:03

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