Alltech Ponders World Without Cows at #CattleCon24

Cindy Zimmerman

“Are we better off in a world without cows?”

It might be a strange question to ask in the middle of a convention with 8,000 cattle industry stakeholders, but it is one that is being asked on the global level when it comes to addressing climate change – and one that two filmmakers sought to answer in a documentary that took them from the heartland of the United States to Kenya, India, Brazil and beyond.

The World Without Cows project was spearheaded by Alltech and CEO Mark Lyons says it was produced by two of their most creative employees but the intended audience is global. “This is a documentary that is not about Alltech at all. It is about our industry, it’s about our producers…and a really balanced conversation,” said Lyons in an interview at CattleCon24.

The documentary includes interviews with experts in agriculture and environmental science, farmers and others to look at the complex and often surprising ways in which cattle impact our world and Lyons says they hope that combined with the website it will have an impact. “We want to make a website which is a repository for data (so that) when you have that chat with that person on the plane who said they stopped eating meat because of the environment, this is a place you can send them,” Lyons said.

Learn more in this interview about World Without Cows and how you can get involved.
Interview with Mark Lyons, Alltech 8:24

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