AquaSpy Shares Ag Tech VISION

Cindy Zimmerman

AquaSpy is a small company with a big vision for the future of ag tech.

Kathleen Glass is Vice President of Marketing for AquaSpy, which is a soil moisture monitoring company based in California, and also one of the main sponsors of the VISION Conference and Women in Ag Tech (WiAT), as well as one of the founding members of the Global Ag Tech Alliance. Glass is personally involved in all of that and was active on panels, leading working groups, and behind the scenes preparations at the WiAT meeting and VISION Conference last week.

“This was a personal mission of mine,” said Glass during an interview at the conference. “I’m new to ag tech. I come from IoT and AI and telecom, so I’ve been a marketer in helping different industries adopt technologies.”

Glass said she enjoyed being able to lead the Ag Tech Adoption Strategic Solutions Teams Challenge, or Tiger Team, during the conference because she believes working together is the way to advance adoption. “I was very happy to see the diversity of representation of growers, investors, retailers, manufacturers, and ag tech here at VISION. That’s something we have to strive for is having all those constituents in the room.”

Listen to this interview from VISION:
2024 VISION interview with Kathleen Glass, AquaSpy 8:24

2024 VISION Conference Photo Album

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