Tendovo in Action at #FPS23

Carrie Muehling

Syngenta gave farmers a closer look at its new soybean herbicide, Tendovo, at the 2023 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill.

“A lot of herbicides out there control the weeds. They do what they’re supposed to do. But some sacrifice the crop safety piece, and that’s really important,” said Jonathan Furasek, Soybean Product Marketing Lead, Herbicide Portfolio. “When we have cool, wet soils early in the season – farmers are planting earlier – we need a herbicide that’s not only going to control the weeds, but not thin our stands or hold our crop back so it can ultimately achieve canopy faster.”

Furasek said Tendovo has three unique active ingredients that provide three modes of action against weeds. It controls more than 70 weeds including Palmer amaranth and waterhemp, as well as common and giant ragweed and cocklebur.

“It’s never to early to start thinking about weed control,” Furasek said. “If you’re not controlling weeds, you’re sacrificing yield.

Syngenta Tendovo herbicide – interview with Jonathan Furasek, Soybean Product Marketing Lead
2023 Farm Progress Show interview with Jonathan Furasek, Syngenta Tendovo 3:39

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