Sustainability Insights at Alltech ONE Calgary

Cindy Zimmerman

Alltech ONE Calgary featured global and Canadian experts discussing agricultural trends, animal nutrition and business, including a Sustainability Insights discussion.

“Our industry is navigating unprecedented disruption yet remains confident and committed to evolving toward a more sustainable food system,” said Tara McCarthy, global vice president of ESG at Alltech. “The key to success will be the development of innovative solutions, but even more critical is the capacity of the industry to work together across the value chain.”

Alltech recently released initial findings of its 2022 Sustainability Insights report, with the complete report to be released later this summer. McCarthy talked about some of those findings including:

There is a strong level of optimism and positivity with 85% of respondents agreeing that the food system can rise to the challenge.

Respondents were similarly realistic about the need for support for the primary producers of the food that the 8 billion people on this planet eat. 66% agree that unless the farmer is incentivized, things will never change.

There is recognition that we won’t be able to resolve the challenges ahead without a huge degree of innovation and harnessing technology to enable us to feed ourselves sustainably, with 92% of respondents believing that technology and innovation are key to more sustainable food systems.

There is a near-universal recognition that we need a collaborative conversation and effort across the value chain, with 93% of respondents agreeing that we all have to work together to create a better food system for the future.

Listen to McCarthy’s remarks here:
ONE Calgary - Tara McCarthy, Alltech (19:14)

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