AgGateway Working Groups Making Progress

Cindy Zimmerman

The AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting this week in Altoona, Iowa is the place where the work of digital connectivity gets done.

AgGateway Executive Vice President Jeremy Wilson says the organization gathers in the middle of the year so working groups on various topics can meet in person to share ideas and discuss solutions and possibly wrap up some of their projects. “We’ve been working in the Crop Nutrition area, around some third party reporting, that’s due to wrap up,” said Wilson. “We are also about the wrap up the very first phase of Field Boundaries, and that was basically defining the terms so we can begin the process of creating some standards.”

Wilson says the working groups are focused on very defined specific project areas for shorter periods of time and once they wrap up a new set is launched that may build on the previous group. “A perfect example is Field Boundary…we might have a dozen working groups before we get that done,” he said.

Learn more about what AgGateway is working on in this interview.

2023 AgGateway Mid-Year - Jeremy Wilson, AgGateway 7:52

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