AgriPro Hybrid Wheat Stands Out at #Classic23

Cindy Zimmerman

Paul Morano (left) and Jon Rich, Syngenta Agripro

NK Seeds Agripro brand hybrid wheat marks a new era for wheat production as the first to bring commercial hybrid wheat seed and all of its benefits to farmers, starting with spring wheat in the Northern Plains region.

“Our big focus right now is building an R&D pipeline for hybrid wheat,” said Jon Rich, Hybrid wheat Operations Head Syngenta-Agripro. “We’re trying to bring a new technology to the marketplace for the farmers.” Benefits for farmers include increased yield consistency, yield increases from heterosis, and reduced seeding rate.

Paul Morano, Head of Cereals at Syngenta-AgriPro, says they started learning launches last year with a few hundred acres. “This year we raised that up to a couple thousand acres of hybrid wheat in the field to the farmers,” he said. “Next year we will plan our full launch in spring wheat.”

Learn more in this interview and in their remarks during the Syngenta press conference at Commodity Classic.
Classic 23 interview with Jon Rich and Paul Morano, Syngenta-AgriPro (5:49)

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