Rabobank Analyst Sees Potential in SAF

Cindy Zimmerman

The sky seems to be the limit for the future of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and can be a real opportunity for farmers, according to RaboResearch Senior Grains & Oilseeds Analyst Owen Wagner.

Wagner was at Commodity Classic last week talking about how sustainable aviation fuel fits into the landscape for commodity demand. “This (SAF) is not just for vegetable oils,” said Wagner. “We’re also seeing new facilities going up that are going to be using corn or cellulosic materials as feedstock.”

Wagner says the policy to promote SAF is moving rapidly with tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act and even state incentives like one recently brought forth in Illinois. “That’s a really phenomenal way to get this product off the ground,” he said – no pun intended. Listen to a recent Rabobank podcast with Wagner on the topic.

Learn more in this interview from Commodity Classic.
Classic 23 interview with Owen Wagner, Rabobank (6:08)

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