SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ Adds MicroSync Pro® MINI

Cindy Zimmerman

AMVAC® recently expanded the SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ portfolio with the addition of MicroSync Pro™ MINI.

SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SaS™) are products that are prescriptively applied with patented SmartCartridge® container technology through the SIMPAS® application system to address unique agronomic needs. Multiple SaS products, such as insecticides, N-fixing solutions, nematicides, and nutrients, are delivered simultaneously, in-furrow, during planting.

MicroSync Pro MINI is a combination nutrient formulation that improves soil fertility programs by providing a precise balance of critical nutrients formulated to prevent or correct deficiencies of boron, manganese, sulfur, and/or zinc.

This uniform granular fertilizer is activated by soil moisture, creating millions of particles within the root zone to enhance nutrient conversion and allow uptake, so the crop starts strong.

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