ZimmCast 722 – Interviews from NAFB Trade Talk

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Hello and welcome to the ZimmCast. During this year’s NAFB Trade Talk I interviewed a lot of company representatives and am taking this opportunity to share some of them. These folks had a lot more than just the Golden ZimmComm Microphone in their face! But they are now members of the Golden Mic Club. Here’s who you can listen to …

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American Vanguard Acquires Punto Verde in Ecuador

Cindy Zimmerman

American Vanguard Corporation subsidiary AMVAC LATAM has acquired Punto Verde, a well-established distributor in Guayaquil, Ecuador, to strengthen its presence in Latin American. AMVAC LATAM is a key player in the Latin American agricultural sector and has become a leader in the commercialization of crop protection products and Peter Eilers, Managing Director of American Vanguard’s international operations, says Ecuador is …

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SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ Adds MicroSync Pro® MINI

Cindy Zimmerman

AMVAC® recently expanded the SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ portfolio with the addition of MicroSync Pro™ MINI. SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SaS™) are products that are prescriptively applied with patented SmartCartridge® container technology through the SIMPAS® application system to address unique agronomic needs. Multiple SaS products, such as insecticides, N-fixing solutions, nematicides, and nutrients, are delivered simultaneously, in-furrow, during planting. MicroSync Pro MINI is a …

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AMVAC® Partners with NewLeaf Symbiotics® for Biologicals

Cindy Zimmerman

AMVAC®, an American Vanguard® Company, is partnering with St. Louis-based NewLeaf Symbiotics® to bring new and existing biologicals solutions to North American crop markets beginning in 2023. This collaboration will harness the complementary marketing and technical strengths of each partner to expand the application of existing products and advance the development of future products utilizing the combined technical resources of …

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Nitrogen-Fixation Product Expands Options for SIMPAS System

Cindy Zimmerman

AMVAC® and Azotic North America are pleased to announce a collaboration to develop and commercialize the nitrogen-fixation product Envita™ adding to the expanding SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ portfolio. Envita is a naturally occurring food-grade bacteria that allows a to fix nitrogen. Envita can be applied in-furrow to multiple crops including corn and soybeans, where it quickly establishes itself within the plant and …

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SIMPAS-applied Solutions Adds First Liquid Formulation

Cindy Zimmerman

AMVAC® announces its iNvigorate® Biological is the first liquid product available for application using the SIMPAS® system on corn and soybeans. iNvigorate – developed by Agrinos®, now an American Vanguard® Company – is part of AMVAC’s expanding line of biological and Green Solutions products. iNvigorate creates a highly productive microbial community when applied to the soil, assisting in nutrient uptake, …

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AMVAC and Verdesian Life Sciences Expand Relationship

Cindy Zimmerman

AMVAC® and Verdesian® Life Sciences are expanding their relationship to include MicroSync® IronClad IDC micronutrient along with MicroSync® ZINC micronutrient among crop inputs available through the SIMPAS® system. MicroSync® ZINC supplied by Verdesian was made available for the 2021 planting season through SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ (SaS™), which are products prescriptively applied with patented SmartCartridge® container technology to address unique agronomic needs. …

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Update on SIMPAS from AMVAC

Cindy Zimmerman

AMVAC’s SIMPAS™ (Smart Integrated Multi-Product Prescription Application System) continues to grow the number of products that can be used with the prescriptive application equipment. “Last year we started with just a handful of products, so this year we’re introducing several more products,” said Jim Lappin, SIMPAS Commercial Manager, during an interview at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk. …


AMVAC® Releases Two New Products for Weed Control in Corn

Cindy Zimmerman

American Vanguard® company AMVAC® has announced two new herbicide products for corn available for the 2021 growing season. IMPACT CORE™: A postemergence corn herbicide that controls grass and broadleaf weeds with punishing takedown and lasting residual. SINATE™: Controls herbicide-resistant and important driver weeds in LibertyLink® corn with outstanding crop safety. IMPACT CORE field studies have shown extended residual weed control …

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AMVAC® and Corteva® Collaborate on SIMPAS Technology

Cindy Zimmerman

AMVAC® Chemical Corporation has completed the first phase of a testing relationship with Corteva® Agriscience using proprietary SIMPAS™ prescriptive application equipment, according to an announcement today by American Vanguard® Corporation. The technology enabled Corteva to precisely deliver inputs in replicated research trials in anticipation of commercialization of Corteva-brand SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ (SaS). SIMPAS is designed to address targeted problem areas in …

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