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AgGateway Changes Chairs

Cindy Zimmerman

New AgGateway board chair Feroz Sheikh, Syngenta, receives gavel from outgoing chair Doug Farrington, Adar Technologies

AgGateway leadership changed hands at the organization’s annual meeting in Clearwater Beach, Florida this week, as Feroz Sheikh of Syngenta became the new chairman, succeeding Doug Farrington, formally with BASF and now with ADAR Technologies.

Sheikh, who is Syngenta’s Chief Information and Digital Officer, says the need for data standards in the agriculture industry is critical. “AgGateway, with its large membership pool, has the responsibility to bring everybody together,” he said. “The other important element is evangelizing and making it known what standards exist… and helping organizations adopt these standards.”

Sheikh adds that standards are also important for the future of sustainability and carbon reduction. Listen to an interview with him below.
AgGateway chair Feroz Sheikh, Syngenta - interview 5:43

Doug Farrington recently became the chief operating officer for Wyoming-based start-up ADAR Technologies, which is focused on dehydration and sanitization to help companies lower costs, add revenue, and achieve their carbon reduction goals.

“The technology was invented four years ago and it’s basically taking a known fact of science that when you move things at the speed of sound you get a separation of moisture,” said Farrington. He used the example of shrimp husks, a waste product that ADAR Technology can convert into a useable, and organic, high-protein supplement powder for the agriculture and livestock industry.

Learn more in this interview with Farrington.
AgGateway past chair Doug Farrington, Adar Technologies 4:07

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