Carbon A List and Partners Receive USDA Climate-Smart Grant

Cindy Zimmerman

Carbon A List, partnering with Danone North America and others, has been awarded $70 million by the USDA Partnership for Climate Smart Commodities initiative.

As one of the 14 high-investment projects, the partners will use the awarded funds to transform the farmer-to-consumer supply chain with implementation of climate-smart projects and infrastructure investments. The five-year collaborative program allows project partners to create end-to-end supply chain partnerships to optimize the value of climate-smart commodities through improving feed management for dairy cows, enhancing food grade commodities for human consumption and better managing nutrients and manure on farm operations. It will also help farmers identify best practices for their acres. To optimize climate-smart farm practices, farmers will receive agronomic and business support for their agricultural systems. This will drive economic growth in rural communities.

The initiative will involve more than 350 participating farms across 18 states. This will include over 32,000 farm
acres, as well as 48,000 head of cattle across 57 managed dairy projects. Partners expect implemented project
practices to remove 57,000 tons of carbon dioxide over the 5-year period. Along with Danone North America, other major partners include Becks Hybrids, Scoular, Sustainable Environmental Consultants and others.

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