Verdesian Adds to Peanut Farmers’ Plant Health Options

Cindy Zimmerman

“The Nutrient Use Efficiency People™” at Verdesian Life Sciences are delivering a plant health lineup for peanut farmers with the addition of Primacy ALPHA®, MicroSync®, and SEED+™ GRAPHITE to their peanut product portfolio of offerings.

The three products complement the peanut industry staple, Primo Power CL, a standard production protocol for peanut growers and researchers, which is always supplied as fresh product every year to ensure rhizobia counts are healthy and ready to go to work when the product reaches the soil furrow. In addition, improved stand counts through better inoculation and multiple selected optimized strains of rhizobia with a concentration of more than 4.5 billion colony forming units bolster plant vigor throughout the growing season.

Primacy ALPHA® is a new product for peanut growers that offers the flexibility of foliar- or soil-applied application and works inside the plant to stimulate the efficient assimilation and utilization of nutrients. The increased plant metabolism and subsequent plant growth creates a healthier and more resilient plant, able to better withstand environmental stressors, pests and disease without any of the phosphite residue risks.

“Primacy ALPHA is a great substitute for those disease prevention products that create phosphite residue,” says Larry Stauber, Verdesian Technical Development Manager. “It can get a peanut plant healthy and keep it healthy to fight off leaf spots that are relentless in peanut crops without the phosphite residue.”

Also new for peanut growers in 2022, MicroSync packs the early-season micronutrient nutrition young peanut plants need to thrive. The custom blending and uniform granule size ensures the product spreads easily and uniformly with other macronutrient applications. The long-term, slow residual allows the product to feed both a crop and the bacteria that help a crop to thrive, ensuring micronutrients are present when the crop needs them most. And with eight different micronutrient packages, the application can be customized to address almost any soil test.

Rounding out the lineup is SEED+ GRAPHITE, a trifecta of performance and utility that combines soil microbiology support, a micronutrient package and talc graphite in a convenient and easy-to-use application that every farmer needs.

Verdesian will be at the upcoming Southern Peanut Growers Conference, July 21-23 in Panama City Beach, Florida where growers are encouraged to stop by their booth and enter to win a YETI cooler, complete with all of the necessities to make it through the summer. Verdesian is proud to sponsor the SPGC opening welcome reception on July 21.

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