Alltech Business Session Showcases Startups

Cindy Zimmerman

Innovation is one of the keys to achieving the Alltech vision of a Planet of Plenty, which is why the company sponsors the Pearse Lyons Cultivator (PLC) program. Participants in the year-round program were part of the business track of the Alltech ONE Conference last week in Lexington.

Alltech European Growth Officer Robbie Walker says the program was introduced as the Pearse Lyons Accelerator program four years ago, but an interruption by COVID caused them to rename and restructure. “We’re always looking for companies and when we find them we rapidly do a demo with them,” said Walker. “We expect to be able to present ten a year, that’s our mission.”

Five companies presented at the ONE conference last week, including an insect genetics company developing and distributing black soldier fly breeds to the insect farming sector. “The same way that chickens improved in efficiency of production by 300 percent over 50 years, we believe that in the future the black soldier fly could be also be improved…and make that industry viable,” said Walker.

In this interview, Walker talks about the PLC program and the business track for last week’s ONE conference.

ONE22 Interview with Robbie Walker, Alltech Europe (12:58)

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