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Golden Harvest Corn Wins in Field Trials

Carrie Muehling

Golden Harvest continues to provide genetics that work on farms in a number of geographies, thanks to varieties that are locally bred and tested. The company has hundreds of data points throughout the United States where they develop and test the products that end up on farms across the country.

“As 2021 corn yield trials prove, Golden Harvest offers elite corn genetics and cutting-edge trait packages that outperform the competition when it comes to yield,” said Andy Ackley, Golden Harvest corn product manager. “By listening to farmers and providing strong corn hybrid seed options, we deliver custom seed solutions that farmers can count on when it counts most ― during harvest.”

In this interview from Commodity Classic, Ackley talks about the yield trials and new hybrids for 2022.
Interview with Andy Ackley, Golden Harvest corn product manager. (3:48)

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