SEED+™ GRAPHITE Shows Results

Cindy Zimmerman

Verdesian Life Sciences wants to show farmers how SEED+™ GRAPHITE with corn can average a 10% yield increase.

SEED+™ GRAPHITE is a nutritional seed treatment that improves germination, crop emergence, seedling vigor, and plant tolerance under abiotic stress, leading to higher yields.

Product Manager Joe Vaillancourt and Mike Canady, Director of Agronomy, held a virtual media day recently to introduce SEED+™ GRAPHITE, which gives a boost to conventional talc and graphite that improves flowability and dries the seed. “What it really brings to the table is a full micronutrient package and then biostimulants and metabolites as well that help improve photosynthetic activity and helps those young crops push through early season stresses,” said Vaillancourt.

“We’ve taken this basic carrier, the 80-20 talc-graphite mix, and added something extra,” said Canady. “We’ve combined plant extracts, which is seaweed, kelp, to help mitigate early season stress.”

Doug Seaman, an agronomist with Heritage Cooperative in Vincent, Ohio, says SEED+™ GRAPHITE is a very unique product in the cluttered biolostimulants market, and it gets results. “We’re retailing SEED+™ GRAPHITE at $3 an acre,” said Seaman. “So when we’re seeing a $3 an acre cost and we’re seeing 3.6 bushel average return on our data, then we feel very good about the return on investment with that.”

Verdesian sent SEED+ GRAPHITE Technology Demo Kits to all of the journalists participating in the media event and they want to send free kits to anyone interested in learning more about it. Just go to the SEED+ page on the Verdesian Life Sciences website and order one!

Listen to a couple of excerpts from the media event:

SEED+ Virtual Media Day - Vaillancourt/Canady 5:48

SEED+ Virtual Media Day - Doug Seaman, Heritage Cooperative 5:53

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