Benson Hill Launches Food System Innovators Program

Cindy Zimmerman

Benson Hill, Inc., today announced the launch of the Benson Hill Food System Innovators Program to collaborate with leading farmers and evaluate its technologies in commercial production environments.

Insights from the FSI Program will further expand the capabilities of the Company’s proprietary CropOS® technology platform and optimize field-specific product outcomes and quality traits. One near-term focus of the FSI Program is to continue maximizing the protein content of the Company’s innovative soybean varieties intended for the human food ingredients market.

“With Benson Hill’s Food System Innovators Program, we’re able to be on the cutting edge of what’s happening in agriculture today,” said Benson Hill Food System Innovators Program farmer Aaron Lee of Cornerstone Family Farms in Salem, Indiana. “We’re striving to produce the best product we can and add value to our operation, and Benson Hill is right there beside us. We’re eliminating waste, improving efficiency and driving toward a more sustainable operation. It’s exciting to play a role in changing the food system.”

The FSI Program includes farmers in six states for the current crop year and is designed for farmers who have a demonstrated track record as early innovation adopters, including deploying precision agriculture technologies. Participating farmers will benefit from early access to the latest Benson Hill product concepts and potential premium opportunities in plant-based protein and other high-value markets.

“Real-time feedback on performance, productivity and other factors is foundational to future innovation at Benson Hill,” said Benson Hill CEO Matt Crisp. “Our farmer partners recognize the growing market demand for plant-based food solutions as an opportunity rooted in better seeds. They share our vision for a modern and more resilient food system that can deliver high-quality, high-protein, sustainable ingredients to meet this demand while supporting strong farmer ROI.”

The Benson Hill Food System Innovators Program is one of several farmer programs the Company has developed to deliver food made better from the beginning through its integrated supply chain. Learn more at

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