Sustainability in Focus at #TechHubLIVE

Cindy Zimmerman

With increasing interest and investment in sustainability up and down the agriculture value chain, each segment of the industry is finding its place as crop production practices evolve.

During Tech Hub LIVE last week, CropLife Media Group Editor Paul Schrimpf moderated a group of key sustainability stakeholders who shared their perspectives on the state and future of sustainability practices, the importance of data and precision agriculture, and the role of service providers in sustainability programs.

The panel featured:
Jason Weller, President, Truterra LLC
Aaron Sindelar, Ph.D., Sustainability Lead, Central Valley Ag Cooperative
Jamie Dingley, Commodities Manager, North America, Corbion

As part of the Land O’ Lakes cooperative, Truterra offers a farmer-owned, farmer-driven food and ag sustainability program. “We’re really trying to innovate and find creative ways for the farmer to not just get recognized for their conservation and stewardship, but actually get paid for their stewardship,” said Weller, who served as chief of USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

Learn more in this interview.
Tech Hub Live interview with Jason Weller, Truterra (8:18)

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