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Alltech ONE Equine Track is a Winner

Cindy Zimmerman

Horses have a special place in the heart of Alltech and the equine track for this year’s ONE Ideas Conference offers six amazing sessions for horse lovers.

Alltech Lifestyle and Companion Animal Director Tim Karl just joined the company last August and he is very excited about the lineup, which includes a look at the new World Equestrian Center (WEC) in Ocala, Florida with Jim Wolf, president of Wolf Sports Group. “He’s going to share his insights into this unique venue and what it has to offer,” said Karl. Other topics include equine welfare, sustainable equine management, senior horse feeding, marketing, and trace mineral research.

Karl is also excited about Alltech’s new line of Lifeforce premium equine supplements. “We developed Lifeforce back in 2010 for the Alltech World Equestrian Games and we’ve built on that with this refreshed launch,” he said.

Learn more about the ONE equine track and Lifeforce in this interview.
Alltech ONE Equine - Tim Karl, Alltech (7:30)

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