Evaluating 2020 to Prepare for 2021

Carrie Muehling

Longer residual control from products like Miravis and Trivapro will help growers fight disease in 2021.

“We’re protecting that plant longer and that’s what’s adding that extra ROI and benefit because we have maximized that photosynthetic area to put into that ear to get that yield and that’s where that benefit is coming from,” said Dean Grossnickle, Syngenta Agronomic Service Representative from Central Iowa.

Grossnickle said these products provide 40-45 days of residual control, covering the corn crop from pollination through grain fill and almost to black layer. He said it is important to consider several factors when choosing products, including what crop was planted the previous season and whether or not diseases were present in the field last year. Grossnickle participated in the National Association of Farm Broadcasting virtual Trade Talk event.

2020 NAFB Interview with Dean Grossnickle, Syngenta agronomic services 7:50

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