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Farm Webcasting Tools

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmComm StudioFrom broadcasting to podcasting to webcasting, the technology just continues to change, improve and help us reach more and more people and audiences. Here at ZimmComm World Headquarters Cindy and I have studios with a variety of capabilities. We also have mojos (mobile journalism kits) with an assortment of gadgets that have increasingly centered around using a smart phone and in our case, an iPhone.

In this post I just wanted to highlight a couple of devices I’m trying out. Behind me you can see my MacBook Pro and external monitor. What’s new is a Yeti Nano in Cubano Gold (because ZimmComm microphones need to be gold) and a Marantz AVS (audio-video streamer). This setup allows me to use a variety of services and applications to record video teleconferences. This includes Zoom of course.

The AVS is a complete unit with a very good microphone in the base. It has a ring of led lights around the camera at the top and rotates in multiple positions. I purchased this unit when I found out all other brands of webcams were sold out. The AVS camera is better than the one in my Mac and I like the extra light option. I can also move and set it up near my computer to use for demonstrations and other purposes beyond just being a talking head.

I’m using the Yeti Nano because with the mic boom I can get closer and it is a better mic and it’s gold. The AVS mic does pick up every little sound which is bad if you shuffle some paper or tap on your desktop.

So, I’ve just started using this setup. I’ve used it for audio only recording and video and am pretty happy with it so far. If you’ve got some favorite gadgets you are using please let this agnerd know.